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Jan/22/2020 SFGP‘s General Counsel specializes in the practice of guardianship and elder law in addition to all related legal issues that may stem from the representation of the guardian or ward. With an in-house legal department, we are able to provide conventional legal services effectively and expeditiously.

SFGP‘s General Counsel can provide almost immediate access to the probate court system in the event of an emergency.

Through our own Legal Department, we are able to provide our clients with exceptional legal services at a fraction of the cost of a private law firm.

Referring Attorneys

If you need a guardian for a client, friend or family member SFGP works with attorneys in the community. Please contact Executive Director Kathleen Phillips for a free initial consultation.

Each client receives personalize financial services from our staff. SFGP provides individualized attention, taking into account assets, income, and care needs. Our professional accounting personnel protects the client’s assets, pay bills, manage and secure assets. We are able to maximize the use of government and community benefits and insurance. We also work with families to provide advice and assistance with budgeting and other financial issues. Since 1991 SFGP has been entrusted to manage more than $100 million in combined investments, real property, and related assets.

SFGP provides a complete range of services to protect and care for our clients. We promote independence, health, and well-being. With experienced and specially trained professionals we are able to provide many benefits to our clients and their families. Many of our wards have multiple medical issues and are living alone, and new clients are often in crisis.

SFGP is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to authorize medical, psychiatric, legal, financial and social services. Depending on the client’s needs we assign a nurse or social worker to provide professional care management services. We work with families to provide advice and assistance with care management issues.


Provide assessments.
Develop a care plan.
General management of the client’s individual lifestyle.
Discharge planning and placement services when needed.
Personal visits.
Arrangement for all medical and psychological services.
Advocate with care providers.
Transportation arrangements.
Interviewing, hiring and monitoring of private duty CNAs or HHAs, when necessary.
Purchasing of personal items, clothing and food.
Provide information and referrals for other community services.


- South Florida Guardianship Program (SFGP) was founded in 1991 to provide quality professional services for the community. SFGP is a private, non profit organization that serves as a full service corporate guardian and care manager.


6561 Sunset Strip – Sunrise, FL 33313
954-572-8305 / Toll Free :855-572-7385

South Florida Guardianship

6561 Sunset Strip – Sunrise, FL 33313,
Bonifay, FL 33313,
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